The Salt Shed Seasons its Concert Series with Support for CCH

This past August, Chicago was introduced to its newest live music/entertainment venue, The Salt Shed.  A grand repurposing of the historic 4-acre Morton Salt complex located on the Chicago River, The Salt Shed launched with an inaugural series of 12 outdoor concerts featuring acts like Fleet Foxes, Andrew Bird, and Death Cab For Cutie.   

Chicago Coalition for the Homeless was honored to become a beneficiary of these events; a donation to support CCH is included in every ticket purchase and concert goers are given a chance to increase that amount with an additional personal donation.   

Furthering their commitment to our advocacy, The Salt Shed graciously offered CCH the chance to have a presence at each performance in the series.  CCH has been using the opportunity to inform attendees about our housing campaign, Bring Chicago Home.    

The interaction with the public at this exciting new space has proven to be great outreach for Bring Chicago Home.  Concert goers are presented with an opportunity to add their voice to the growing demand for more resources to end homelessness through the power of social media.  The artists performing have even lent support by offering prizes to help draw their fans to CCH’s table.   

And that is not all!  The Salt Shed even introduced CCH to Wintrust Bank who offered CCH the chance to design the first public mural to be displayed right outside the venue.  The 50-ft by 19-ft original work by CCH staffer Karianne Canfield will be on display through the end of October.  

CCH is very grateful for this multilayered support from this new venue and its staff.  We recognize what a tremendous effort it is to get something as big as The Salt Shed up and running and so we appreciate that amidst all that work, they chose to add a commitment to ending homelessness!