To preserve our independent voice, CCH does not accept government funding. Instead, CCH is sustained by diversified support from foundations, corporations and individual donors that share our commitment to prevent and end homelessness. Our Speakers Bureau also earns fees for outreach to school, religious and civic groups.

The Law Project established the Justice Circle in 2009 to elicit support from attorneys, legal professionals and law firms. More than 275 attorneys and 15 law firms have supported the Justice Circle over the years.

CCH also secures support from individuals, businesses and ally organizations through annual memberships in the coalition. For individuals, memberships are $50 for a household or business, $10 for a student or low-income household, and $100 for organizations. More than 5,000 individuals support CCH each year with gifts, large and small.

Our work is also supported by In Memoriam gifts, given in memory of men and women whose lives were dedicated to helping others, especially people living in poverty.

The Associate Board welcomes young professionals dedicated to making a difference in their volunteer work. Throughout the year, members assist with special events and fundraisers, staffing CCH events and managing the Associate Board’s own events, including a Cubs outing and a Halloween party.

Partner sponsors support CCH advocacy. Community Shares of Illinois is a workplace giving campaign that promotes progressive change in our communities.