Douglas Schenkelberg
Executive Director

Thelma Morales
Administrative Director

Sherry Johnson
Associate Director of Administration and Technology

Gloria Davis
Administrative Assistant


Michael Nameche
Director of Development

Erin Sindewald
Associate Director of Development

Zeki Salah
Data Manager


Media inquiries, call (773) 906-3419

Vanessa Álvarez
Director of Communications

Community Organizing

Wayne Richard
Director of Organizing

Jim Picchetti
Associate Director of Organizing
State Network Coordinator

Emily Isaacson
Associate Director of Strategic Campaigns

Alyssa Rodriguez
Community Organizer – School, Youth, and Latinx Communities

Claudia Cabrera
Special Projects Organizer – Speakers Bureau & Horizons

Alex Shapiro
Northern Illinois Community Organizer

Nina Martinez
Reentry Organizer

Lorna Bennett
Outreach Assistant/Organizer

Myron Byrd
Outreach Assistant/Grassroots Leader

Timothy Bell
Community Outreach Assistant

Eva Haubrich
Source of Income Outreach Trainer

Advocacy and Public Policy

Niya K. Kelly
Director of State Legislative Policy, Equity and Transformation

Mary Tarullo
Director of City Policy

Samuel Paler-Ponce
Interim Associate Director of Policy

The Law Project

Patricia Nix-Hodes
Director of the Law Project

Beth Cunningham Malik
Associate Director of the Law Project
Youth Futures Lead Attorney

Arturo Hernandez
Senior Attorney

Alyssa Phillips 
Education Attorney

Camilla Krauss
Staff Attorney

Thomas Edwards
Family Attorney

Venus Rivera
Public Benefits Specialist

Ali Simmons
Senior Outreach and Case Worker

Christy Joyce Llanes Beretta, LCSW
Intake and Support Manager 
For legal aid inquiries, call 1-(800) 940-1119

Sue Um
Scholarship and Streetlight Chicago Coordinator


Ayan Hassan

Angel Ortega
Law Project Social Work Intern, University of Chicago: Crown Family School of Social Work, Policy and Practice 

Anne Ortiz
Law Project Social Work Intern, University of Illinois Chicago: Jane Addams College of Social Work

Ella Weaver
Communications Intern, Northwestern University

Anadil Siddiqi
Organizing Intern, Adler University