To learn more about giving a memorial gift or bequest through the Chicago Coalition for the Homeless, please contact Michael Nameche, Director of Development, at (773) 906-3571.

Gifts have been given to CCH in loving memory of:

Ryan Angus

James A. Ascareggi

Ronald Berliant

Eileen Bingham

Margaret Waters Bowhay and James H. Bowhay, Sr.

Hon. Richard D. Cudahy

Nada Culich

Florence Cunningham

William “Les” Brown, CCH founder and Policy Director (1980 – 2005)

Jess Collasso

Dick Cusack

John “Juancho” Donahue, CCH Executive Director (1990 – 2003)

Arnold D. Goldstein

Carole T. Hegarty and Martin J. Hegarty

Nancy Hild

Margaret Hodes

Larry Julius

Arthur E. Kaplan

Terri Kaplan

Richard “Dick” Kelly

Haley M. Krause

Mark S. Kuzemka

Robert “Ron” Luchs

Vincent Lynch

Jill L. Meinzer

Frank J. Mooney

William Leo Morrison

Mike Munoz

Brenda Murphy

Gordana Naumovic

Michael A. Neigoff

Geraldine “Gerry” Nelson

Susan W. Pearson

Brigitte Peterhans

Ronald D. Provenzano

Rhonda Purwin

Joseph Putnick

Jill Nathanson Rohde

Joshua Searcy

Wanda Seidlecki

Rose Shure

Sophia Juliana Skinger

Ted B. Stiemann

Barbara J. & Edward A. Sullivan

Tim Unsworth

Jose Vasquez, CCH leader (2003 – 2014)

Rob Warmowski

Gillian M. Wolf

Starling Young

Ronald Zierer