Through the Justice Circle, the community offers financial support for legal aid services offered by the Law Project at the Chicago Coalition for the Homeless. Attorneys, paralegals, judges, law professors, and other professionals offer their support  for fair representation and equal protection under the law for people experiencing homelessness.

Founded in 1997, the Law Project is the only legal aid project in Illinois solely dedicated to serving people who are homeless or at-risk, helping them secure access to schools, housing and shelter, jobs or services. We are now registering this year’s Justice Circle members – please click HERE to join with your tax-deductible contribution.


2019 Justice Circle Sponsors:

Signature Sponsors:





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2019 Justice Circle Members:

Angela Barnes

Claudia Baier

Traci Beck

Robert Berner

Barb Bolsen

Amanda Bogle

Stephen Bowen*

Barbara Bruno

Meena Byers

Michael Cainkar

Lorie Chaiten

Fay Clayton

Jeffrey Colman*

James Coughlan

Anne Courter

Marta Delgado

Devon Drehmer

Jeremy Drehmer

John Filosa*

Megan Finkelman

Bruce  Finkelman

Cathy Freechack

Joel Friedman

Dean Gerber*

Patrick Gilsenan

Richard Goldstein

Caronina Grimble

Martina Gruyters Molins*

Steven Harris

Mike Heaton*

Pat Hickey

Norman Hirsch

Joshua Klein

Julie LaEace

Thomas Lysaught*

Monica Mahan

Beth Malik

Alex & Erica Marks

Timothy McFadden

William McGrath*

Dan Mendelson

Dina Merrill

Jessica Milos

Anita Molano

Sam Nandi

Sheila Nix

Denis Pierce*

Matt Piers

Joseph Power

Diane Ratekin

Renauda Riddle

Patricia Rivera

Virginia Robinson

Brian Roche

Anthony Rothschild

Nathan Rugg

Lowell Sachnoff

Christopher Sanders

Karen Schneider

Frank Schneider

Andrew Shapiro*

Chris Shearer

Joel Solomon

Chris-Annmarie Spencer

Jessica Staiger

J.T. Staiger

Stephen Stern

Maureen Stratton

Patricia Supergan

Jay Swift

Kate Swift

Sara Szwankowski

Linda Szwankowski

Matthew Tanke

James Tierney*

Rene Torrado

Lawrence Wagner

Aubrey Welbers

Lindsey Welbers

Morgan White

Tom Yates

* Founding Member of the Justice Circle (FY 2010)


A monthly memorial gift to the Justice Circle is given in

loving memory of Barbara J. & Edward A. Sullivan