The Associate Board is a group of volunteers committed to helping CCH make a difference. These young professionals run special events and small benefits from trivia nights and yoga classes to a Chicago River cruise. They also support our advocacy efforts and help us raise awareness throughout the community.

Monthly meetings are held the second Tuesday evening of each month, usually at CCH’s office in the Loop.  Meetings are open to anyone interested in learning more about how to get involved.

Interested? Click here to get involved.

2024 Members

Sophie Babcock, President

Claire Sloss, Vice President, Events

Amanda Bogle, Secretary

Amelia Thelen, Events Co-Chair

MK Marchesi, Events Co-Chair

Maddie Gazzolo, Co-Membership Chair

Sara Szwankowski, Co-Membership Chair

Ebony Thompson, Racial Equity Chair

Rui Chen, Advocacy Chair

Jamila Akil

Andrea-Lubina Al-Nurridin

Emily Bagg

Brad Bergeron

Amanda Bogle

Lily Brown

Phineas Callahan

Mary Charlton

Rachel Eliser

Mary Erikson

Daihana Estrada

Kara Fender

Hall Fess

Rachel Gary

Patrick Gilsenan

Alison Gismondi

Laura Holm

Kpoene Kofi-Bruce

Dabney Lyles

Yolanda Madison

Sarah Millar

Joshua Morrison

David Pryor

Jack Riedy

Alex Rizzo

Linda Saksa

Ala Salameh

Alyssa Schraier

Jewel Schroeder

Oliver Serafini

Xiaoyun Shen-Krizic

Alicia Singer

Suhana Thakrar

Tory Tilton

Sarah Valek

Mary Wainwright

Scott Walker

Lindsay Welbers

Ellen Werner

Melissa West

Morgan White

Fallon White