SAGE blogs: The world as it should be

CCH organizes women survivors of prostitution, many of whom were homeless when they were trafficked. Working with organizer Rachel Ramirez, the women started a leaders’ committee called SAGE (Survivor Advocacy Group Empowered).

By Tammy

I’m Tammy again, blogging for SAGE.

Tammy takes notes on the history of community organizing

On June 27-28, three SAGE members including myself attended CCH’s two-day community organizer training. This  training will benefit us as were getting ready for our vigil in August. 

It was empowering information, hearing about the people who had fought for human rights. It was encouraging. We too can fight for peoples’ rights.

By figuring out strategies with peoples’ self-interests in mind, we can challenge others to reach their potential as leaders to change the world to how it should be. What is unfair in the world can be changed from how the world is.

I asked my fellow SAGE members for their thoughts on the training:

Racheal said, “If you always live in the world as it is, then be ready to accept that the world will never reach where it should be.”

And Sylvia  said, “The training program was good for me, I learned so much about one-on-ones, relationships, and trust.”

I do agree with Sylvia, we learned a lot. I would love to do more training with CCH.

Tammy first blogged for CCH in a June 13 post.