WMC: As Eviction Crisis Looms, Advocates Fear an Increase in Child Removals

By Susan Buttenwieser Jan. 12, 2021

Wmc features cancel the rents scotus protest 011222
In August, protesters demonstrated at the Supreme Court in support of the eviction moratorium. (photo: Cancel the Rents)

Federal funding for struggling renters is running out in many states. The December 2020 relief package and the American Rescue Plan provided over $46 billion in emergency rental assistance that went directly to states, but now several, including Texas, New York, and Oregon, have used up their portion of those funds. This comes on top of the Supreme Court ending the federal moratorium on evictions in late August, leaving the 12 million adults who are behind on their rent at risk of losing their housing. One out of five of these renters lives with children. The calamity of eviction can result in additional dire consequences for families: having their children removed by child welfare.