Remembering grassroots leader Leeanna Majors

It is with great sadness that we learned of the passing of grassroots leader Leeanna Majors. We send our deepest condolences to Ms. Leeanna’s family and all those who loved her. CCH mourns with you, and celebrates the extraordinary life of this remarkable woman. She devoted her life to advocating for the rights of people experiencing homelessness.

Ms. Leeanna brought hope, love, and joy to all those who knew her. She empowered people to believe they were the answer to the issues their communities faced. She inspired everyone with her positivity, devotion to justice, and willingness to be vulnerable and share her story with others. She will be missed.

Leeanna Majors, the Butterfly Effect
A poem by grassroots leader Maxica Williams and her family

When life and chaotic processes that shift and bring about conditions that are wider-scaled, there rises, moving freely to the sky a butterfly
With power as you enter any room
With your charm, you graced the world with your exquisite presence
You were the life of the party
Making jokes, loving people smiling, & dancing to the music
Always saying don’t make me fight you
Such a funny gesture
You’re too sweet and kind to fight instead,
With your voice you speak wisdom
With your chapters of your life so well written, you guide others to a different path
With a smile on your face, you are happy with the current chapter of your life
You speak of queens, kings, princes, & princesses, in a world where we are perceived as less
You are anointed by the most high, you live by God’s laws
You pass on the ever-loving joy of being in God’s Grace
You loved to pass on your love for God to everyone you came across
You are a faithful servant
You are a daughter, wife, mother, sister, grandmother, cousin, niece, friend, colleague, & light that shined upon many
Your essence was known soon as you stepped in the room
You loved to help everyone
Through your story, you helped others find strength, carry on, find a different path, & understand that change can happen
Your family was a priority
You raised all your children; you have been there for your grandchildren & great-grandchildren, who are all your greatest creations
You are married to your King
You are at peace in your kingdom with your King
You lived a divine life & you are a true inspiration to anyone you ever met
You loved hard and strong
Queen Leeanna Majors, you are a true Butterfly Effect. Your legacy will live on.

“My most fond memory of Ms. Leeanna is when she took a picture of me during a Speakers Bureau. We were at the event waiting for it to start. She was the first person I told I was pregnant. I was riddled with worry and anxiety about becoming a mom, and she told me with the biggest smile on her face, no doubt in her mind, ‘you got this, mama’ nobody can ever replace such a beautiful person like her.”
Crystal Sahler, Grassroots Leader

“I worked with Leeanna for over a decade at CCH. Leeanna was part of multiple organizations and various projects. She was a member of CCH Speakers Bureau, CCH TANF project, and CCH Mutual Aid Fund. She lobbied in Springfield and worked with CPS students on the importance of advocacy work. Leanna was a caring daughter, a devoted wife, a loving mother, a dear friend, a fantastic colleague, and a mighty social justice warrior. She was my to-go person when I needed to direct a young lady to someone for guidance. Ms. Leeanna made the world a better place by giving her true self to all of us.”
Charles Jenkins, Grassroots Leader