WBBM News Radio: Homeless moms seek sense of normalcy ahead of Mother’s Day

A profile of two moms from Good News Partners’ family shelter, which works with CCH’s Education Committee.

CHICAGO (CBS)With Mother’s Day coming up on Sunday, WBBM Newsradio’s Mike Krauser set out to learn what the day means to some moms living in somewhat unusual circumstances.

Victoria and Marilyn, both of them living in a Rogers Park shelter with their children, were looking forward to brunch, and homemade cards with nice thoughts from the kids.

“Spending time with the children, them showing me that they appreciate everything that I’ve done for them, and me just letting them know how much I appreciate them,” Victoria said.

For Marilyn, Mother’s Day came a couple days ago.

“My daughter had wrote me a letter, and she was just saying how she appreciates me every day,” she said.

She has four children, and recently lost her own mother.

“She always taught me …to be the best parent that I can be,” she said. “She would just always tell me everything will be okay, you know, don’t focus on what you don’t have.”

Marilyn said she does her best to focus on her mother’s advice.

“They see their mother happy, that kind of makes them happy,” she said.

Victoria has two kids with her in the shelter.

“It’s difficult being homeless. It’s different,” she said. “Honestly, for me, it was like almost the end of the world.”

But she said her kids are doing alright.

“It’s a small setback, but I still try to find a way to keep it normal for them,” she said.

Both women said they have a stronger bond with their kids because of their struggles.

“They’re kids, they’re going to be happy as long as mom’s there,” Marilyn said.