Equal Voice News: For Mother’s Day, meet some ‘community trailblazers’

Change might start with a small act. Then, through an organized effort, it grows into a full-fledged movement.

And grassroots efforts to improve communities across the country all have a common thread – residents speak up, discuss issues, seek solutions and look for accountability. That is how change can bloom. 

As families celebrate Mother’s Day on Sunday, Equal Voice News presents 32 profiles of “Community Trailblazers.” (They include Marilyn Escoe, an Education Committee leader nominated by CCH.)

They are women – mothers, grandmothers and neighbors – who are making things better. They know solutions are possible.

The stories run the gamut and cover homelessness, immigration reform, education, access to fresh produce and just making sure kids are safe.

Read about MaryBeth Stover from Marietta, Pa. and what having an automobile means to her and her children. Learn about Lupe Gonzalo of Immokalee, Fla. and see how she uses her voice to talk about labor conditions for farmworkers. In Oakland, Calif., Princess Beverly Williams works on housing issues – but she also has learned about the “capacity for love.”

There is much to be thankful on this Mother’s Day. But there is much that still needs to be changed.

For mothers, economic inequity remains. A mother is 37 percent less likely to be hired than a woman with no children. A single mother earns, on average each year, less than $26,000.

A woman is the primary adult in 84 percent of homeless families. And domestic violence is the leading cause for homelessness for mothers and children.

There is still a demand for positive change. To see how neighborhood progress is being made and how challenges can give strength, read these profiles of “Community Trailblazers.”