“Our Voices Make a Difference” – Speakers Bureau leaders gather for annual retreat

Our Speakers Bureau held its annual retreat at Evanston’s Sheil Catholic Center Tuesday evening.

Speakers Bureau Retreat 2013“This is the first retreat I’ve been to. I got a lot out of it,” said Lorenzo Rowell, a leader on the Speakers Bureau. “It kept me in tune, brought me back to what motivates me to be involved, and it’s fun.”

Led by 15 formerly homeless adults, the CCH Speakers Bureau reached 3,965 people at 85 venues – before school, civic and religious groups – during FY 2013. Bureau leaders also inspired 224 students from 17 core teams at high schools and colleges to get involved in advocating with CCH to curb, and one day, end homelessness. 

“The goal of the Speakers Bureau is to impact as many people as we can, to help them to become involved, knowing that our voices and our faces make a difference,” explained Leeanna Majors, a founding member of the Speakers Bureau.

The retreat was a chance for speakers, community members, and CCH staff to reflect upon and celebrate successes, and plan for the Bureau’s new year.

Participants reconnected with one another and strengthened community with plenty of time allotted for group and one-on-one discussion.

The retreat ended with a group toast, with all participants expressing their hopes, wishes, and goals for the coming year. Motivated and ready to get back to work, the Speakers Bureau left the retreat with smiles and even greater ambition for the future.
Associate Organizing Director Hannah Willage organizes the Speakers Bureau, with assistance from J.D. Klippenstein, a VISTA education organizer.

– Jim Lacy, Media Volunteer