Bridgeview Bank Group donates $16,250 through ‘Hearts for the Homeless’

Associate Director of Development Claire Sloss (middle) accepting the check from Andrew Trippi (left) and Nicole Porrez (right) of Bridgeview Bank Group.

Bridgeview Bank Group presented the Chicago Coalition for the Homeless with a donation of $16,250 upon completion of its third “Hearts for the Homeless” program.

“We are grateful for the generous support of the Bridgeview Bank Group and the clients who participated in Hearts for the Homeless,” said Executive Director Doug Schenkelberg. “Together, you make a difference in the lives of people living in need.” 

“Bridgeview Bank is strongly invested in the communities we serve,” said Andrew M. Trippi, Vice President and Head of Community Banking at Bridgeview Bank. “With the help of our clients who participate in the Hearts for the Homeless program, we are proud to support Chicago Coalition for the Homeless – and their mission to prevent and end homelessness. On behalf of Bridgeview Bank, we wish to thank CCH for their efforts the help end the tragedy of homelessness. We are with you in this fight.”

During the program, Bridgeview Bank donated $50 to CCH for each customer who opened a new personal checking account with direct deposit, or a new personal savings or money market account with $10,000 or more, or deposited $10,000 or more into an existing personal savings or money market account. To thank its clients, Bridgeview Bank also deposited $150 to each customer’s qualifying account that participated in the program.

With Hearts for the Homeless, Bridgeview has provided $52,400 in total to support our work on behalf of homeless families, youth and adults. First launched in May 2015, CCH is proud to have been the beneficiary of the program for three five to six month campaigns.

To preserve its independent voice, CCH does not accept government funding. CCH could not operate without the support of individuals, foundations, and businesses that share our commitment to ending homelessness.

– Claire Sloss, Associate Director of Development & Marketing