A Victory for Women and Girls on International Women’s Day

The Illinois House’s Judiciary II-Criminal Law Committee voted unanimously on March 8 to pass House Bill 5278, a bill that will enable more prosecutions of sex traffickers and allow more of their victims to receive services.

This amendment to Illinois’ human trafficking statute is spearheaded by the End Demand Illinois coalition, on which the CCH Prostitution Alternatives Round Table is a partner. Sponsored by State Rep. Kelly Cassidy (D-Chicago), HB 5278 would be the third bill in three years to be enacted by End Demand’s advocacy. 

It is a continuation of End Demand and PART’s reforms to Illinois’ prostitution and trafficking laws to re-focus law enforcement on the demand for the sex trade and help women and youth live free from commercial sexual exploitation.

I oversee Springfield-based advocacy for the End Demand coalition. Stay tuned as we continue to move the bill through the Legislature!

– Daria Mueller, Associate Director of Policy, State Affairs