A record set, with thanks to Riot Fest

For the eighth year in a row, Chicago Coalition for the Homeless was honored to be a part of Riot Fest, held in Douglas Park on September 13, 14 & 15.  The Riot Fest staff has been staunch supporters of our work since 2012, and this partnership has helped CCH raise over $200,000 to fulfill our mission.

We could not be more grateful to Team Riot Fest, the artists that donated prizes, and to the wonderful volunteers that helped out this year!

CCH’s tent was stuffed to the rafters with prizes to win – over 90 in all.  Headliners among the raffle prize inventory were the 11 autographed guitars, signed by such veteran acts like Bad Religion, Social Distortion, and the Violent Femmes.

Beyond that, there was something for every music fan: signed concert posters, albums, and drumheads.  Many visitors to our tent had difficulty choosing which prizes to go after.

And 2019 became the year to beat – CCH raised a record-smashing $43,000 earned over the Riot Fest weekend.

To see Jeff Foy’s photos of the many prizes and winners, you can check out the CCH Riot Fest Instagram page HERE.

Kayla wins!

It is hard to sum up an experience that featured close to 100 musical acts and a carnival in just one photo but we like this one the best:

This is Kayla, who happened to be at the tent when we pulled her name for a poster autographed by Slipknot and several other bands. This was a major prize and a lot of people were vying for it.  Look at the crowd cheering for her, rather than feeling bitter because they didn’t win. Riot Fest fans are the absolute best!

– Michael Nameche, Director of Development