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Justice Circle

Through the Justice Circle, the legal community offers financial support to the work done by the Law Project at the Chicago Coalition for the Homeless.  Attorneys, paralegals, judges and law professors add their names to the list of those who believe that people who experience homelessness are entitled to fair representation and equal protection under the law.

The Law Project is the only legal aid project in Illinois dedicated to serving people who are homeless or at-risk, helping them secure access to schools, housing, jobs or services. We are now registering this year’s Justice Circle members – please click HERE to join with your tax-deductible contribution.

The Sixth Annual Justice Circle reception will be held Wednesday, January 28, 2015 from 5:30 to 7:30 p.m at the offices of Baker & McKenzie LLP at 300 E. Randolph Street in Chicago. This year’s reception will coincide with the launch of a new Illinois Homeless Youth Handbook, a pro bono partnership with United Airlines and Baker & McKenzie LLP. The manual is a comprehensive guide to legal rights and resources for homeless and at-risk youth in Illinois.

2015 Members

Frank L. Bixby*

Steven H. Blumenthal

Stephen Bowen*

Joseph A. Cancila, Jr.

Fay Clayton & Lowell Sachnoff

Emily Coffey

Martha A. Garcia*

Albert C. Hanna

J. Michael Heaton*

Laurene Heybach

Daniel G. Jordan*

Judge, James & Kujawa LLC.

Timothy J. Malloy

Miranda & Jed Mandel*

Tim McFadden

Maura McMahon Zeller*

Nicole & Jim Murphy*

Sonya Naar*

Patricia Nix-Hodes

Hon. Julia Nowicki*

Ronald O’Connor

Diane Redleaf

Charlotte Rubinstein*

Christopher Shearer

Peggy Slater*

Patricia W. Supergan*

John P. Sweeney*

Matthew Tanke

James Tierney*

Steven Zeller*


2014 Members

Bridget Arimond

Howard Adelstein

Angela Barnes

Michael & Diane Beemer

Mary Bird-Murphy

Aaron Bitterman

Butler, Rubin, Saltarelli & Boyd LLP

Barbara Bruno

Joseph A. Cancila, Jr.

Molly Carpenter

Fay Clayton

Jeffrey Colman*

William Cowlin*

Richard Cudahy

Kim Daniel

Brandi Davis

Jeffery Dejong

Jason Dyme

Rochelle Dyme

Dynaprop Development Corporation, Chicago

Allison Engel

James R. Fennerty

Janet Flynn

Joel Friedman*

Dean Gerber*

Richard Goldstein

Leonard Goodman*

Robert Gordon

Lawrence Griffin*

Beverly Groudine*

Dem Hopkins

Horwood, Marcus & Berk

Daniel G. Jordan*

Deborah Judge

Joshua Karsh*

Hon. Thomas L. Kilbride

Kirkland & Ellis, LLP*

Matthew Kriezelman

Julie LaEace

Ira Levin

Alfred Lipton

Warren Lupel

Thomas Lysaught*

Katherine Maehr

Alex Marks

Anita Molano

Nicole & Jim Murphy*

Robert Newman

Novack & Macey LLP

Hon. Julia Nowicki*

Ronald O’Connor

S. James Perlow

Richard N. Peterson

Matthew Pierotti

Joseph A. Power, Jr.

Joseph Putnick*

Diane Redleaf*

Kathleen Roseborough

Dina Ross

Nathan Rugg

Christopher Sanders

Suzanne Saxman*

Andrew Shapiro*

Christopher Shearer

Maria Simon

Jessica Staiger

Matthew Steinmetz*

Joseph L. Stone

Rita Torrado

Scott Turow

Christopher Ward

Adam Waskowski

Kevin Zickterman


* Founding Member of the Justice Circle (FY 2010)


A monthly memorial gift to the Justice Circle is given in

loving memory of Barbara J. & Edward A. Sullivan