StreetLight Chicago

Thank you for your interest in participating in our engagement session! We have received many inquiries and this event can safely host 20 individuals. This session is to talk about StreetLight Chicago, an app designed and funded by grants to focus on youth 24 and under.  

We appreciate all interest however priority for the 20 spots will be granted to people ages 14-24  

We know 25+ people use the app. If you are over 24 you can still register, and you will be put on a waitlist. If there are still open spots, we will pull names by lottery and contact you on 5/18 to let you know if we have room.  

Again, we appreciates your interest, and depending on resources we hope be able to host a second session at a later date for those who are unable to join us on this round.  

Thank you for RSVPing, at this time (5/18) registration has closed for this event. Please stay in touch, there will be more events around StreetLight Chicago in the future.

May 19th, 10am-2pm

Taco Bar Lunch

CCH Office, 70 E Lake Street, Chicago IL

Check out the app and website before you come!