Speakers Bureau a Sun-Times winner

Great news! Chicago Sun-Times announced today that the CCH Speakers Bureau has won a $5,000 grant through its Sun Shine Project contest.

Homeless leaders and student volunteers who work with our Speakers Bureau are very grateful for this support. We’re just as grateful for the more than 45 wonderful testimonials we received during the online contest, which ran two weeks through Oct. 9.  

Based on community comments and votes submitted online, the Sun-Times Charity Trust announced this week that its Sun Shine Project would award grants to 45 Chicago area non-profits that work with youth in education, art, and civic engagement.

Touching comments posted during the contest include this one from Mikela Manning:

“The speakers themselves are phenomenal people. They have inspired me as well as my peers at Mather High School. Just talking to them motivated me to get involved. As a junior in high school, I have arranged many meetings with political figures and participated in them. It was all because I felt if I could help one person they could help another.”

Speaking for myself, as the Speakers Bureau’s community organizer, I also valued the comments posted by the formerly homeless people who speak to school, religious and civic groups on behalf of CCH.

For example, Vanessa Matthews wrote, “I have been a member of the Speakers Bureau for two years, and I am a strong advocate being a part of CCH to help end youth homelessness. I go out and engage youth at schools, non-profits and other venues in our fight to end youth homelessness. CCH has changed my life, and I know that they are making a difference in the lives of other people in our community.”

Thank you all for your involvement in our fight to end homelessness! We couldn’t do this without you.

– Hannah Willage, Speakers Bureau organizer