Slip in support of the College Hunger bill

Nov. 9 Update:

Thanks to the more than 100 people who, on short notice, slipped in support of the College Hunger bill advocated by CCH, Heartland Alliance, and the Shriver Center.

SB351 passed out of the Illinois House Human Services Committee by a 10-0 vote on Nov. 8. We’re disappointed to report that despite strong and vocal and bi-partisan support, including Gov. Rauner, the bill did not progress through the legislative process before the 2-week veto session concluded.

We are confident that the College Hunger bill will progress in the 2018 legislative session. Your support makes a difference!


By Niya Kelly, State Legislative Director

Please take two minutes to show support for the College Hunger bill (Senate Bill 351) before it is called by the House Human Services Committee for a hearing Wednesday morning at 9:30 a.m.

SB351 would provide assistance to vocational-track students who, but for their enrollment in community college, would be eligible for food assistance in the form of SNAP benefits. Up to 40,000 students would be helped.

This bill ensures that students won’t have to make the choice between buying food and continuing their education.

Legislators check to see how many people slip in support of a bill, so please slip in support by clicking THE LINK below.

Instructions for filing a slip:

* If you do not represent or work for an organization, then type “Self”
* If you don’t have title, type “None” in that field
Fill this out if you are representing a group, organization or business (make sure that you have their permission before filling this out). Otherwise, type “None.”
Click on Record of Appearance Only

The Illinois Senate passed SB351 on October 25 by a 54-1 vote.
Advocating with CCH for the College Hunger bill are the Sargent Shriver National Center on Poverty Law and Heartland Alliance.