The return of Sips on a Ship – an enjoyable success! 

On the evening of Sunday, August 13, the Associate Board welcomed CCH supporters to board the Chicago’s Leading Lady for a cruise down the Chicago River.  It was a welcome return of an event last staged in 2019.  

CCH supporters (L to R) – Ailleen Gorospe, Ebony Thompson, Claire Sloss and Holly O’Hern toast to another successful Associate Board Fundraiser 


Guests mingled both above deck and below and were treated to a fishbowl raffle of over 45 prizes.  The night was made special by the generous spirit of the ship’s captain and crew.  As attendee Carol Marchán noted: “A familiar tone of camaraderie and friendship was felt throughout the night; unity and contagious positive energy was in the air. The “Sips on a Ship” event was made memorable by the welcoming staff on board, the captain on Chicago’s Leading Lady with his polite and conversational guidance, the unlimited Spanish tapas and drinks, the mesmerizing Chicago skyline and unbeatable energy. I cannot wait for next year.” 

The event raised almost $18,000 to support the work of the Chicago Coalition for the Homeless.  The Associate Board of CCH pulled out all the stops when it came to promotion, atmosphere and gathering prizes for supporters to win.  CCH is grateful for the partnership with First Lady Cruises that made this event so successful, and the night feel so special.  

CCH Staff (L to R) – Sherry Johnson, Doug Schenkelberg and Gloria Davis taking in the breathtaking sight of Chicago at night.  


“I’ve lived in Chicago my whole life and I loved seeing it from a different perspective! Everyone was friendly and welcoming, and the drinks were great! I really enjoyed my time there and I hope to do it again!” remarked CCH Community Organizing intern, Lucian Foster.