Poem by leader Yaodi Hu: Take Back Our City

Yaodi Hu, a community leader from San Jose Obrero Mission, wrote this poem after he and 84 other CCH leaders participated with more than 700 others in the “Take Back Chicago” march on November 11. 

Did God disapprove our rowdy play?
Oh, Lord Why did you pour raining on the Veterans Day?
We no longer wanted to rally at the Thompson center,
We lost it on the Election Day anyway!

We United ourselves in front of the First Methodist gate,
Six hundred heads are City’s all over the place!
What is really the mixed message?
Taking back the city is the shouting of the stage!

Is City North’s rich built upon City South’s economic drain?
Anyone care to earn the votes of former slaves?
Balance the budget on the back of the poor,
Can’t we just take one candy away from firemen’s plate?

9 billion dollar budget with plenty largesse to spray.
Why not tax those on the Board of the Trade?
People won’t forget the budget cut of Health clinic and schools,
To earn minority’s vote don’t all democrats pretend to support Minimum wage’s raise?

Who want to jump into the mayoral and alderman’s race?
Competition always makes the incumbent feel a bit more afraid
It is the election year,
What would you all do and give to make your next term safe?