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We value our partners’ commitment, and invite all organizations who work alongside us in the fight against homelessness to renew their membership with the Chicago Coalition for the Homeless.

Because of the ongoing state budget crisis, CCH has waived its $100 membership dues in 2016.

Please complete this form to join us as a member this year.

CCH does not receive government funding. That means when we push for government support, we are advocating for the providers across Illinois that help people who are homeless and at-risk. This year we have been advocating for a state budget that includes funding for programs that shelter, house and assist homeless people.

In addition to our advocacy work, our community organizers and youth attorneys run outreach at 35 shelters, transitional housing, school and drop-in programs each month. Our Statewide Network mobilizes providers and their clients in nine suburbs and downstate cities, including Aurora, Waukegan and Rockford. We mobilize strong coalitions on issues that affect homeless people, including our Reentry Project and our Youth Committee comprised of 36 providers from across Illinois.

To renew your Organizational Membership, complete this form. Members are acknowledged on the CCH website and promoted on Facebook (8,600+ followers) and Twitter (4,400+).

Questions? Contact Assistant Development Director Claire Sloss.