Media Advisory for Thursday, August 10: Lawsuit threatened on viaduct construction

Homeless Encampment Residents and Their Attorneys Threaten Lawsuit Against City of Chicago in Advance of Viaduct Construction


Press conference convened by homeless encampment residents of the viaducts at Lake Shore Drive at Wilson and Lawrence avenues. Construction to repair the viaducts is set to begin soon, and the current re-design puts bike lanes in the sidewalks, which is less safe for pedestrians, bikes, and cars, and which is discriminatory toward homeless people.

Residents and their attorneys will be discussing a letter they are sending to the city’s Corporation Counsel indicating that they are prepared to move forward with a civil action pursuant to the Illinois Bill of Rights for the Homeless Act and to seek injunctive relief under the Act. 


Chicago Department of Transportation (CDOT) – 30 N. LaSalle Street


Thursday, August 10, 11 a.m.


Homeless residents of the Wilson and Lawrence viaducts, Chicago Coalition for the Homeless, and ONE Northside


(Uptown) Tent City Voices Heard is an Uptown, Lake Shore Drive tent encampment residents’ association that seeks to win the recognition of their rights (including their right to housing and thus to the opportunity to advance their lives), to find housing solutions for its members and, thereby, to help win those rights for all homeless people. We are separate and distinct from the advocacy group, Uptown Tent City Organizers.

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