CCH leader interviewed on WFLD-TV

CCH leader Leeanna Majors was interviewed by Robin Robinson of WFLD-TV. Watch the interview.

Leeanna Majors is a member of SAGE – Survivor Advocacy Group Empowered – which participates in policy advocacy and direct outreach in neighborhoods with high levels of street prostitution. 

In the interview, Leeanna described House Bill 5278, the End Demand Illinois legislation she advocated for this spring.  The Illinois General Assembly recently passed this legislation, which will reform the human trafficking laws in Illinois, and it was signed by Gov. Quinn on August 4. The bill allows prosecutors to bring more human traffickers to justice by clarifying the ways that a trafficker could obtain or maintain control over their victim. It also clarifies how fines are collected from prostitution-related offenses and redirected to services for sex trade survivors.

End Demand Illinois is a campaign led by CAASE, a partner of CCH’s Prostitution Alternatives Rountable (PART). Learn more about the CCH’s work  create more options for women seeking to exit the sex trade here.

– Claire Sloss, Development Associate

– Photo by Rachel Rameriz, Community Organizer