In These Times: How Chicago Took a Major Step Toward Tackling the City’s Housing Crisis

Bring Chicago Home supporters rally with banners and signs inside of City Hall.

By Kari Lydersen (In These Times), November 7, 2023

Each night, over 68,000 people experience homelessness in Chicago, according to a recent report — a number that has been on the rise. But that dynamic might change, if voters embrace a new progressive taxation policy. Under this approach, the city would raise hundreds of millions of dollars to holistically address its homelessness crisis, with an increased real estate transfer tax on buildings sold for more than a million dollars.

The plan, known as Bring Chicago Home, has been promoted by advocates for several years but for the first time has a chance to become reality thanks to support from new Mayor Brandon Johnson, progressive members of City Council, and grassroots groups across the city. Chicago residents will vote on the proposal in a referendum next spring, after City Council members on Tuesday approved putting the plan in front of voters on the March 19 ballot. The final vote was 32-17.

Chicago Coalition for the Homeless is a proud coalition member for Bring Chicago Home.

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