HB 3116: Learning to Support Students Experiencing Homelessness

For students experiencing housing insecurity, school is often the only place where things are stable and provide some form of normalcy. Maintaining their presence and consistent attendance is critical for their futures. Experiencing homelessness as an adult can be traumatic but can be more so for young children and teens. 

This legislation will provide training to teachers and staff to assist and support students experiencing homelessness.

Sponsors: Rep. Stuart and Sen. Villa

Community Comments:

The legislation will require teachers and other staff to participate in a training to best support students experiencing homelessness. We know annually in Illinois there are nearly 40,000 students who experience homelessness. This legislation will provide school personnel with the tools needed to best support these students and keep the students enrolled and connected to their school and services.

This bill is no longer accepting Witness Slips.

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