The Daily Line: Housing Industry, policy groups react to appointment of new city housing commissioner

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By Michael McDevitt (The Daily Line)

Doug Schenkelberg, executive director of the Chicago Coalition for the Homeless, said Castañeda’s appointment is likely to aid in the success of the Bring Chicago Home proposal, which would raise the real estate transfer tax on the sale of properties above $1 million and decrease the tax on property sales that are under $1 million. Bring Chicago Home will appear as a question on the March primary election ballot, and the revenue raised from the increased tax if it’s approved would be used by the city to fight homelessness. 

Schenkelberg told The Daily Line in a statement that the organization, which is one member of the Bring Chicago Home coalition, was “ecstatic” about the appointment and appreciated her work with “pillar community organizations.” 

“[Castañeda] understands what it takes [to] create the types of affordable housing our communities need and knows we need to center the voices of those most impacted,” Schenkelberg said. “As we look towards winning the ballot in March and passing the Bring Chicago Home ordinance soon after, her leadership and commitment to creating permanent housing and solving homelessness will aid in Bring Chicago Home’s long-term success.”

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