CCH Works Hard in Springfield

CC Image courtesy of myoldpostcards on Flickr

Because homelessness is such a complex issue with many causes and contributing factors, CCH takes the lead on or supports a broad array of bills in Springfield. This session the bills we are tracking address criminal justice reform, education, minimum wage, sex trafficking, and housing discrimination, as well as some administrative issues in state government.

Some of our key bills include:

  • Senate Bill 3488 would make it a human rights violation to deny someone housing based on arrest records or sealed records.
  • House Bill 5278 would expand the definition of sex trafficking so that more homeless women in the sex trade could receive special sex trafficking victim services and potentially have their prostitution convictions vacated, giving them opportunity to access employment and housing.
  • Senate Bill 3239 would put a moratorium on school closures in Chicago in 2012-2013 and create a clearer process for helping failing schools.

The deadline for bills to get out of committee was March 9.  Senate Bill 3488 did not pass committee, House Bill 5278 passed the committee unanimously, and Senate Bill 3239 received an extension to get out of committee.

To read our full legislative agenda for 2012, click here.

 – Julie Dworkin, Director of Policy