CCH welcomes eight new board members

In November, Chicago Coalition for the Homeless (CCH) was excited to add a superlative group of new board members to our governing board. These eight people bring an amazing breadth of knowledge, talent, and passion to an existing stellar line-up of committed board members. We are so incredibly grateful to each of them for giving their time and energy to CCH’s mission.

We asked each of them to answer this question: What motivates you to be part of our mission to prevent and end homelessness in Chicago/Illinois?

Timothy Bell
CCH Grassroots Leader & Speakers Bureau Member

When I first came to the knowledge that CCH existed, I was homeless myself. Because I had that experience, and was in the position to help others who were experiencing homelessness, I felt it was my duty to help out. It was because of CCH that I became involved in advocacy work, and have a strong passion for it and truly believe in the mission of CCH – we believe that housing is a human right in a just society. 

Melissa Chrusfield
Director of Hospitality
Lawndale Christian Health Center

My motivation to be a part of CCH’s mission to prevent and end homelessness in Chicago is driven by my deep desire to see every human affirmed as inherently valuable and worthy of basic human rights.  I am excited to be part of a team that uses bold and innovative thinking to ensure every Chicagoan has access to housing that provides a home base for building a healthy and abundant life for themselves, their families and our great city.

Morgan Malone
Director of Development & External Affairs
Farpoint Development

No one should have to question where they’re going to sleep at night. Becoming unhoused is situational and across industries, we must all do our part to ensure that homelessness is a challenge that no one has to face. CCH is unique because so much of the organization’s work is geared to systemic change and advocacy that leads to transformation. In these times we need disruption, ingenuity, imagination, and intention to change our circumstances. I am proud to say that CCH exhibits those qualities and I am excited to contribute.

Gregorio Martinez
Director of Community Innovations
Chicago Cook Workforce Partnership

        CCH’s mission to advocate for and propel those who have experienced homelessness aligns with my core belief to assist those who are at most in need.  Coupled with my own experiences, I am motived to be a part of the CCH mission and continue the exemplary work the CCH has done for over 40 years.

Holly O’Hern
Manager – Diversity, Equity & Inclusion
United Airlines

The best way to be a member of any community is to actively be part of contributing to its best future; I am grateful to have the opportunity to enhance my support of CCH in its tireless work to end systemic and inequitable contributors to homelessness in Chicago.

Meher Rehman
Director of Capacity Building
The Network: Advocating Against Domestic Violence

As a social justice advocate, I believe that housing is a fundamental human right necessary to lead a safe, stable and meaningful life. We cannot think of empowering marginalized communities till they have a stable roof over their head. CCH is striving to do just that and more which is what excites me about joining their mission to ensure that people lead a life of warmth, respect and security by having a home. 

David Swendsen
Vedder Price

CCH’s mission to prevent and end homeless in Chicago is very close to my heart. Housing is a basic human right and Chicago is my home.  I am very honored to help carry out CCH’s mission and help my fellow Chicagoans.


Quintin Williams
Program Officer
The Joyce Foundation

The motivation is that I see this as an opportunity to make a contribution to a Chicago that cares for all of its residents and that includes ensuring that they have  safe, affordable, and adequate housing. I see the racial disparities in housing and incarceration as a set of policy choices that historically have had the most negative impacts on Black people. I want to change that.