CCH statement on Gov. Rauner’s State of the State speech

Jan. 31 – Chicago Coalition for the Homeless (CCH) applauds Governor Rauner’s new found optimism about Illinois’ future, but we heard no acknowledgement of his failure to adequately support people who have been pushed to the side.

His speech showed every indication he will continue to exclude people facing hardship from accessing opportunity. History has shown us that when elected officials talk about “reduced spending,” those cuts hit the human services infrastructure first, including programs that prevent and end homelessness for Illinoisans.

CCH’s vision for Illinois is different from Governor Rauner’s. We envision a state that pays its bills on time, adequately funds the work that serves people experiencing homelessness, and takes on the goal of ending homelessness with the same fervor that we have pursued Amazon’s headquarters. It is our hope that his February budget address and accompanying budget embraces this alternative vision.

– Doug Schenkelberg, Executive Director