Audacy: Chicago voters will decide fate of Brandon Johnson’s tax increase to fight homelessness

By Mallory Vor Broker and Mike Krauser (Audacy), November 7, 2023

Chicago City Council approved the “Bring Chicago Home” measure on Tuesday, which could lead to an increase in the real estate transfer tax in order to help fund housing and programs for people experiencing homelessness.

Ahead of Tuesday’s vote, advocates for the proposal rallied across the street from City Hall on the plaza of the former Thompson Center. Mayor Brandon Johnson made his way over to join them.

“We’re not just bringing Chicago home; we’re just not raising revenue; we’re actually demonstrating how the City of Chicago is leading the way for the rest of the world,” Johnson said. “No tricks, no divisive tactics are going to separate us from this moment.”

Chicago Coalition for the Homeless is a proud coalition member of Bring Chicago Home.

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