Action Alert: Tell Gov. Rauner to oppose the latest ACA repeal bill

With the Graham-Cassidy repeal bill moving fast, we need your help to stop this new effort to repeal the Affordable Care Act. If an Obamacare repeal bill passes with a simple majority in the U.S. Senate next week, it is expected to sail through the GOP-led U.S. House.

Millions would lose health insurance coverage under Graham-Cassidy, a bill many are calling the most harmful repeal measure yet. Homeless and low-income adults would immediately lose coverage in Medicaid expansion states, including Illinois. It would eliminate insurance subsidies paid to moderate-income workers who earn too much to qualify for Medicaid. Over time, families and children could also lose coverage. Illinois is projected to lose $8 billion in federal Medicaid funding by 2026, $153 billion by 2036. 

Graham-Cassidy also would hurt those of us who are insured, allowing lifetime coverage caps and insurance companies to charge a person more based on medical history. Leading patient advocates, the AARP, hospitals, and medical groups have strongly criticized the bill.

Twelve governors, including five Republican governors, have spoken out against Graham-Cassidy in recent days – but Illinois Gov. Bruce Rauner has failed to publicly oppose the bill, as he did during previous repeal efforts.

Please call Gov. Rauner at (312) 814-2121 to tell his office:

“Gov. Rauner must speak out publicly to oppose the Graham-Cassidy repeal bill. Too many people would be hurt if this bill is passed, including the most vulnerable residents of our state.”