“Their stories were deeply moving.  The speakers’ passion for education, resilience when confronted with unimaginable trials and tribulations, and dedication to remaining optimistic and engaged to end homelessness
were evident and inspiring.”

Scott Remer, a student from the Civic Leadership Institute

“I think these women gave a great explanation of the work of the coalition and I think their personal stories are invaluable.  It’s a good lesson in how these tragedies happen and it’s truly amazing that they have recovered and that they’re taking action to change the system.  I really think this was incredible.”

Volunteer, Rape Victim Advocates

“I was able to understand how and why homelessness exists. The presentation put a human face on the problem, especially for young children and adults.”

Sue Robinson of St. Isidore Parish & School (Darst Center)

“I wanted to let you know what a great response we got to yesterday’s speaker, Karen Clark. Many of our staff stopped me in the hallway to tell me how wonderful a speaker she is and how much they got out of her talk. I’m sure that you will be hearing from us again to have another speaker.”

Nancy Betuker, Community Counseling Center of Chicago