In 2003, then-Mayor Richard M. Daley endorsed a “10-Year Plan to End Homelessness” in
 Chicago. The plan called for ultimately replacing the current system 
that provides shelter to people on an emergency basis with a model to move individuals into permanent housing with support services.

CCH supported the 10-Year Plan, which was to end at the close of 2012. But the city did not commit the necessary resources to see achieve its goals, including development of a sufficient stock of affordable housing.

In 2012, Mayor Rahm Emanuel’s administration asked advocates and providers to come up with a new strategic plan, Plan 2.0, to address homelessness in Chicago for the next seven years. CCH Policy Director Julie Dworkin was named to the Plan 2.0 Steering Committee. A week-long “charette,” or community input session, was held in January 2012 for homeless people and advocates to make recommendations and debate the issues. Our staff and leaders, including youth from the HELLO street youth group, testified at each community session.

Plan 2.0’s 7-year plan was unveiled in August 2012 by Mayor Emanuel, who also announced he would reallocate yearly city funding to boost shelter and support services for homeless youth. This included $1 million for new and expanded support centers on the North, South, and West sides serving 1,000 homeless youth; $1 million to provide 100 new overnight shelter beds for 400 homeless youth, and $500,000 to provide job training and placement services for 220 homeless adults. These opened in mid-2013.

A copy of Chicago’s Plan 2.0 is available from All Chicago.