Legal Resources 



Chicago Public Schools Fee Waiver Form
This form is used to apply for a waiver of school fees from any Chicago Public School.


Chicago Public Schools Fee Waiver Policy
This policy governs the Chicago Public Schools’ duties for providing notice of and the opportunity for waiving school fees for low-income students.


Illinois State Regulations on School Fee Waivers
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Educational Rights for Illinois Students Without Stable Housing: A Manual for Advocates, Educators, and Parents
This Illinois law together with federal law and policy governs the educational rights of children defined as “homeless.”


Illinois Education for Homeless Children Act
This Illinois law requires privacy for student records and defines what student records a parent can obtain and how.


Illinois School Student Records Act
This federally-required plan describes Illinois services to homeless students.


Illinois State Plan for the Education for Homeless Children and Youth Program
This federal law governs the educational rights of students with disabilities.


Individuals with Disabilities Education Act
The Illinois State Board of Education form facilitates enrollment of students.




ISBE Affidavit of Enrollment and Residency Form
This Illinois policy clarifies and implements the educational rights of homeless students.


ISBE Policy on the Education of Homeless Children and Youth
This information helps Illinois families understand the enrollment requirements of public schools.


ISBE Registration Guidance
This federal law governs the educational rights of students experiencing homelessness.


McKinney-Vento Homeless Assistance Act
This Illinois State Board of Education document is a memorandum on preschool for homeless students.


Preschool Memorandum
These rules pertain to the waiver of school fees in Illinois.


Waiver of School Fees
These Illinois regulations protect the rights of students and families to equal, non-discriminatory treatment.


Equal Access Regulations
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CCH Scholarship Application (Need PDF link)
This document is an application for CCH college scholarships.