In Illinois, as with much of the country, people experiencing homelessness do not always have access to temporary shelter or affordable housing. In finding shelter people are looking to find a place where they can stay dry and warm from the rain and snow. This can mean they find shelter under viaducts and expressways as it may be the only option available for overhead coverage.  

Understanding that these spaces also need repair and other construction projects, making sure that people who are using the space for shelter are given proper notification and assistance with finding other options is important as well. Road construction projects usually involve drilling, hazardous chemicals, heavy machinery, and structural material being torn down and/or assembled.  


To ensure the safety of the Department of Transportation (DOT) staff and contractors as well as people experiencing homelessness the DOT will be required to: 

  • Assess whether there are individuals living in the proposed construction zone,  
  • and if so, the DOT is required to provide notification to the inhabitants and local and/or state human service departments to identify shelter or other housing options. 

Sponsor: Rep. Guzzardi and Rep. Mason

Update: To Special Issues Subcommittee

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