Hey [Friend], how are you doing? 

So I’m calling today because I’m a [leader/staff/ally] with the Chicago Coalition for the Homeless and we are working on making the rich pay their fair share in taxes so that we can get more money for community needs like housing. 

Have you heard about the Fair Tax?

Explain Fair Tax

Right now, Illinois has a Flat Tax where millionaires and teachers pay the same tax rate. That’s not fair to working people like us. While the rich get richer, there isn’t enough money for things in our community like schools, health care, and housing.

How does that make you feel?

If we pass the Fair Tax, those who earn more will pay more, and those who earn less will pay less. The Fair Tax will also raise $3.4 billion that we can invest in our community.

I am excited to vote yes on fair tax because [Share what you care about and what you want funded in your community. Make it a personal story if you can!].

Engage Around the Issue
    1. What do you think our community needs?
    2. COVID/Coronavirus has hit our community hard. What could this money do to help our community survive the pandemic?
    3. Do you think it’s fair that millionaires have two or three homes while other people are sleeping on the street?
Strong Ask
    1. Can I count on you to vote yes on Fair Tax with me in the November election?
    2. Will you fill out an online form pledging to vote yes?

Great, the link to the pledge card is I can text it to you if that’s easier. (Try to stay on the phone with them while they fill it out. Be there in case they have any questions)

Responses to Common Objections
    1. Will this affect me? NO. Taxes will only go up if you make more than $250K. And you don’t. This is great for 97% of us! Our taxes will stay the same or go down.
    2. Won’t the rich people and business leave? NO. Most states like Minnesota and California already have a Fair Tax and that’s not happening. They actually have a more aggressive rate than what Illinois is proposing and businesses have not left in a significant way. It’s too inconvenient for businesses and people to relocate.
    3. But I don’t trust the government with my money. Most of our state taxes go to schools, health care, and infrastructure, all of which are drastically underfunded. Are one of those important to you?