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“Sorry we are not in town to cheer your great accomplishments in person. Thanks for all you have done to empower communities and increase housing options for the homeless.”

-Daniel Burke

“Ed, on behalf of the Pierce Family Foundation, it has truly been a pleasure and an honor to work with you to further social and economic justice on behalf of those most vulnerable in our society. Your retirement is well-deserved and we wish you all the best in the next phase of your life’s journey.”

-Heather Parish, Pierce Family Foundation


“Thanks for the memories Ed!”

Jacqueline Edens, The Inner Voice, Inc.


“It was loooonng ago we first met at NTIC. So glad for your presence in the Chicago organizing scene and for the many ways your work has improved life for so many. Thank you!”

-Nancy Jones


“I wish you a long and happy retirement – and when you are ‘in the home’ I hope you will think back to a long and fulfilling career which made a large difference in the lives of thousands of low-income folks in Chicago and the state.”

-Regina McGraw, Wieboldt Foundation


“Dear Ed, Thanks for ALL you’ve done for CCH – we’re looking forward to meeting you on the 19th!”


Bob Riesman and Rachel Kaplan


“To my good friend Ed Shurna, an icon of Chicago organizing and a champion of the people, enjoy your retirement -your best work is yet to come!”

-David Hatch, The People’s Lobby


“Congratulations Ed on all you have achieved, you will be missed!”

-Jessica Staiger, CCH Board of Directors


“To a great guy that truly deserves to be honored. Congratulations on your retirement, and you know we’re still expecting to see you a lot!”

-Myra Glassman, SEIU Healthcare IL&IN


“Ed, sorry we won’t be able to be there (a great day as its our son Tim’s birthday as well!) we will be in Spain so we are buying two tickets, so you can ask two pals to stand in and cheer for us! Hey congrats!”

-Andrew and Moira Griffin


“You’ve done a helluva job Ed! Thank you for your guidance and service.”

With great respect,

Muriel Quinn and Robert Pasin


“Thanks, Ed. So many people are better off because of your work.”


Sunny and Paul Fischer


Congratulations on your remarkable career of helping others. You have much to be proud of and leave an extraordinary legacy. Enjoy your well earned retirement.

Howard Pizer


“Ed, Grassroots Collaborative won’t be the same without you around the table. Thank you for all that you have done to organize the hope. We love you!”

-Amisha Patel, Grassroots Collaborative


“Excited to help you launch a new chapter of your life.”

-Mary Ellen Gornick


“Ed, THANK YOU for your tireless commitment to the Coalition! You leave a proud legacy of constituency building for strategic systems change! Best wishes for a next chapter filled with Love, Joy, and Abundant Blessings.”

-Deborah Harrington, CCH Board of Directors


Congratulations! & best wishes for wonderful retirement – you deserve it!

-Jeri Lynch Linas, Teen Living Programs


“Ed, your leadership will be greatly missed but I am sure that your work is far from finished!”

-Brady Harden, CCH Board of Directors


“I am happy to join you to celebrate.”

-Martin Kelliher


“Congratulations Ed on a job very well done! All my best wishes for whatever adventures await you.”

-Johanna Dalton


“Congratulations on your retirement, Ed! Thanks for everything you’ve done!”

-Christopher Shearer, CCH Board of Directors


“Ed, Congratulations on your smart decision to retire while you’re ahead! Your legacy is stunning, and I greatly admire what you’ve accomplished with CCH. I wish you the best in your next chapter.”

-Thomas Kenemore, CCH Board of Directors


“Ed congratulations on a job well done. You are leaving CCH in excellent condition from the stand point of achievement of mission goals, quality of staff performance and fiscal performance — a health reserve fund and no debt — way to go.”

-Peter Martinez, CCH Board of Directors


“Congrats Ed. Don’t forget about us!!”

-Mike Bagley, Treasurer, CCH Board of Directors

& Natalie Bagley


“I’m really going to miss you, Ed.”

-Angela Barnes, CCH Board of Directors


“Congrats Ed!!! Thank you for all that you have done!! :)”

-Avi Rathnakumar,Vice President, CCH Board of Directors


“Dear Ed,  Thanks so much for 20 years of dedication to our communities. I want to wish you good luck in your new endeavors. We, myself and all your friends, are grateful for your dedication, commitment and perseverance for your advocacy of the most vulnerable individuals in our communities.”

-Marco E. Jacome, CCH Board of Directors


“Dear Ed – Thank you for your hard work and tireless dedication to improving our community through CCH! I have certainly felt the impact of your work and that of the team you have lead. I wish you all the best as you embark upon your next chapter! Congratulations!”

– Audrey Clarke


“Congratulations Ed…you have done a marvelous job for the consumers, CCH and the city of Chicago. Your shoes are going to be difficult to impossible to fill. Words cannot adequately express the amount of respect I have gained for you over the many years of service you’ve provided. I pray that the Creator blesses you with peace of mind, good health and many more years of enjoying your family and friends! Your legacy has been engraved in the hearts and minds of the homeless, those who could not help themselves and your comrades.”

-Abdullah Hassan, The Inner Voice, Inc.


“Where did the 20 years go? Time flies when you are having fun!”

-Bill Creed, S.J.


“… and now a new adventure begins.”

With love and peace,

Richard Goldstein, Secretary, CCH Board of Directors

& Julie O’Brien


“Congratulations, and thanks for all you have done for the sum of us…”

-Stan Sloan, Chicago House


“Best wishes for you on your retirement! You will be missed.”

-Pat Rivera, Chicago HOPES for Kids