Please contact your state legislators TODAY to ask them to prevent more Illinoisans from becoming homeless by supporting rental and mortgage assistance, and providing opportunities for permanent housing to people living in overcrowded shelters.

Find your state legislators’ contact information here.

Phone/Email Script:

My name is <name>, and I live in <Representative/Senator>’s district in <community/neighborhood name>.  

I am calling because as the budget conversations are happening, I wanted to raise the importance of rental and mortgage assistance in these times. I know that people are being laid off and are worried about being able to remain housed during this crisis. Likewise, we must rethink the shelter system, as we continue to decompress shelters and begin housing people with the needed social services.  

Right now, the budget proposal includes $210 million dollars from the Coronavirus Relief Fund earmarked to IHDA for rental assistance and other related housing support, this is a fraction of what we will need to keep and provide housing to individuals and families. I am asking that this amount be increased to $500 million to adequately meet the needs of Illinoisans.

We would like the Representative/Senator to commit to raising this in caucus.

Thank you.