Douglas Schenkelberg
Executive Director

Jim Field
Associate Director and Director of Organizing

Thelma Morales
Administrative Director

Cheryl Lenisa
Finance Manager

Sherry Johnson
Office Manager/ Technical Support


Michael Nameche
Director of Development

Anne Bowhay
Director, Foundation Relations and Media
Media inquiries, call (773) 906-3403

Claire Sloss
Assistant Director, Donor Relations

Community Organizing:

Hannah Willage
Associate Director of Organizing
Organizer, Speakers Bureau / Online Media

Wayne Richard
Associate Director of Organizing, Training Development
Organizer, Horizons writing outreach project

Rachel Leonor Ramirez
Senior Community Organizer
Reentry Project & Latino organizing

Jim Picchetti
Senior Community Organizer
Statewide Network

Keith Freeman
Community Organizer

Jayme Robinson
Community Organizer (VISTA)
Speakers Bureau

Charles R. Austin
Special Projects Coordinator

Advocacy and Public Policy

Julie Dworkin
Director of Policy

Mary Tarullo
Associate Director of Policy

Jonathan Holmes
Policy Specialist

Niya K. Kelly
Policy Specialist

The Law Project

Patricia Nix-Hodes
Director of the Law Project

Beth Cunningham Malik
Associate Director of the Law Project
Youth Futures Attorney

Laurene Heybach
Senior Counsel

Graham Bowman
Youth Futures Health Attorney

Diane O’Connell
Staff Attorney

Roberto Martinez
Intake Specialist
Legal aid inquiries, call (800) 940-1119

Monica Mahan
Social Worker

Ali Simmons
Street Outreach Worker

Bridget Newsham
Youth App Content Manager

Support Staff

Gloria Davis


Thomas Brown 
Public Policy (University of Chicago, School of Social Service Administration)

Anne Campanella
Development (University of Chicago)

Lucy Gonzalez
Horizons (Adler University)

Nina Terebessy
Law Project (Northwestern University Law School)

Morgan White
Development (University of Notre Dame)