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Who can apply to this fund?  

Individuals or heads of households in Illinois who are experiencing homelessness or were previously homeless and are now at risk of becoming homeless again. This includes people who are unsheltered, staying at a shelter, or living doubled-up with family or friends. Adults 18 years or older and unaccompanied youth 16 years or older are welcome to apply.  

What do I need to apply?

The completed application (no other materials are necessary). 

How can I apply?  

Individuals can complete the short application online or over the phone.  To apply over the phone, call (312) 641-4148 between 11am – 3pm Monday, May 11 – Friday, May 15. Outside of those hours or if phone lines are busy, applicants can leave a message with their phone number and receive a call back. Online and phone applications are available in English and Spanish.

How much money will I receive?  

Individuals may receive any amount up to $500. Funds will be awarded at the discretion of the application review committee, and are dependent on the availability of funding.

When will I know if my application has been accepted or denied?  

Applicants will be notified within 30 days. However, we hope to have applications approved as quickly as possible. 

Can I apply more than once?  

Applicants should only apply once per application cycle. However, if funds become available again in the future, applicants are welcome to apply again. 

What if my application is denied? 

 If your application has been denied, you are welcome to re-apply in the future. 

How will I receive the funds?  

Funds can be awarded in the form of paper/electronic checksgift cards, Zelle, or CashApp. We currently do not have the ability to award funds in cash or through other mobile applications (Venmo, etc.).  

How long will it take to receive my funds if my application is approved? 

Once you have been notified of approval, you can expect the funds to be distributed within 30 days. We will work to approve funds as quickly as possible. 

Who will be reviewing my application?  

A selection committee of CCH grassroots leaders will determine who receives grants through this fund, with support from CCH community organizers. Leaders are low-income volunteers with lived experience of homelessness who participate as partners in our advocacy. They are uniquely positioned to be decision-makers in distributing these funds.

Is my information confidential?  

Yes. The information you provide on the application will not be shared outside of the review committee or the organization. 

How do you determine which applications are approved? 
    • All applications received within the one-week window will receive equal weight and review by a committee of grassroots leaders with lived experience of homelessness. 
    • We are committed to having a simple, low-barrier program that’s easy to access by individuals in need. 
If you have additional questions,

Email mutualaid@chicagohomeless.org