CCH welcomes organizer Alyssa Rodriguez

Alyssa Rodriguez joined the staff this week, our new organizer in schools and the Latinx community. We asked Alyssa to tell us about herself.

Organizer Alyssa Rodriguez (Photo by Claire Sloss)

I was first introduced to organizing when I moved to Chicago to attend college. At that time, community organizations including STOP were fighting to open a trauma center on the South Side. I was pulled into the campaign by student organizers with Students for Health Equity (SHE).

My experience was both invigorating and eye-opening. Immediately, I realized that institutions were often resistant and hostile to social change. On the other hand, I learned that communities could mobilize into powerful coalitions to fight for health and racial justice.

I was born and raised in Los Angeles in a predominately low-income Latino community. My passion for social justice began when I first experienced homelessness at the age of 7. I witnessed firsthand how intersecting systems of inequality could leave my single mother without the means to support her four children. While I sometimes felt angry and isolated by my circumstances, I was inspired by my family’s resilience.

I recently graduated from the University of Chicago, where I majored in anthropology and race/ethnic studies. I’m excited to bring my organizing experiences and my knowledge to work with CCH. I have a lot to learn but I’m looking forward to meeting our partners and expanding CCH outreach in the homeless community.