Chris Jelkes joins CCH organizing staff

Chris Jelkes

Christopher Jelkes has joined the CCH organizing team as special projects coordinator working with small shelters.

A co-chair of the HomeWorks campaign committee, Chris became a CCH community leader two years ago. 

He was inspired after participating in Horizons, a writing outreach program that Associate Organizing Director Wayne Richard offers at family shelters. The Jelkes family had coped with homelessness on and off since the 2008 recession.

“My grandmother was an activist. I never was, but when I met Mr. Wayne and he explained CCH’s mission, that was the first time in my adult life that my activism had been triggered,” Chris said.

Chris was motivated by his first “action,” a Fight for $15 rally in suburban Oak Brook.

“I liked how organized everyone was. The details of the action were meticulously thought out,” he explained.

Chris studied at the Illinois Institute of Art for two years before holding customer service positions at Semper Fi Doorman, Esquire Staffing, and Aerotek Professional Services. He lives on the South Side with his wife and son.

– Cydney Salvador, Media Intern