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PBS NewsHour: Numbers on homeless students likely too low, Illinois data cited

By Mike Fritz Rashema Melson lived for most of the last three years in a Washington D.C. shelter – known as DC General – before graduating as valedictorian from Anacostia High School in June. As the nation struggles to address an upsurge in homeless students, the NewsHour’s American Graduate team spent a day with Melson…

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The Chicago Reporter: Coalition considers dedicated funds for homeless services in Chicago

By Katherine Marani Taking a cue from Seattle, the Chicago Coalition for the Homeless wants the City Council to increase the city transfer tax to help homeless people. This summer the federal government cut $3.3 million in funding for services for Chicago’s homeless population, resulting in a 75-percent decrease in the city’s capacity to care…

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Chicago Sun-Times editorial: Minimum wage hike overdue

 Chicago, let’s raise the minimum wage. Let’s make life better for our lowest-wage workers and those a notch above. Let’s hike a minimum wage that has eroded so deeply it is now, in real buying power, well below 1968 levels. Let’s give our economy a boost, even while acknowledging the downsides of a wage hike….

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Chicago Sun-Times, Mark Brown: Feds selective in homeless they are pushing to help

By Mark Brown, Columnist The federally funded program that Ayesha Cargill credits with lifting her from homelessness — and possibly saving her life — no longer exists. That’s a personal concern for Cargill, who wonders where she would go if the mental health problems that contributed to her becoming homeless were to return. But she…

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Chicago Sun-Times, Mark Brown: Goal to end homelessness among vets laudable, but is it realistic?

By Mark Brown, Columnist Dallas Wade’s experience might not fit everybody’s notion of what it means to be homeless. He’s never slept on the street or in a shelter. But as he sat in a park at 65th and University a year ago September, not knowing where he and his fiance and three children could…

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Chicago Bureau/The Youth Project: New Health Consent Law Makes Getting Help More Accessible to Homeless Youth

Starting this week, unaccompanied minors in Illinois over the age of 14 can consent to routine medical care under a new amendment to the Minors Consent to Medical Procedures Act. Illinois is the 18th state to enact such a law, which is recommended by many advocacy groups such as the National Law Center on Homelessness…

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School Transportation News: New data issued on homeless students, school budgets and transportation

By Michelle Fisher Though the rising number of homeless students has been well documented since the recession-era spike, new U.S. Department of Education data shows that record numbers are enrolled in public schools. As a result, school transportation departments are feeling the pinch of providing bus service for this population. According to the data summary…

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The Chicago Reporter: New census numbers reveal faces of deep poverty

By Deborah Shelton Illinois is the home of the nation’s president, gleaming skyscrapers and tony shopping districts that attract millions of tourists from around the world. The state also is where some of the poorest of the poor live. About one in five Illinois residents live in or near poverty, according to new U.S. Census…

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Illinois Issues: Law lets independent youth give consent for medical care

By Maureen Foertsch McKinney A law that takes effect next month will allow Illinois’ independent homeless youth – including recent Central American immigrants – to give consent for nonemergency medical treatment. Under House Bill4501, which was approved unanimously by the General Assembly in May and signed by Gov. Pat Quinn in June – medical providers can…

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By Stephanie Lulay MEDICAL DISTRICT — Before there were rules against it, Susan Rogers would spend 48 hours straight at the old Cook County Hospital, healing the sick and saving the critically ill. “I essentially grew up there,” said Rogers, who was hired at the hospital in 1979. “It’s taken me up until the last…

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